Hot Hatch Class rules

To ensure clarity, these are the Hot Hatch class rules at Yeovil RC.

(last updated 23/3/2024)

1) Cars to be 1/12th scale Mardave VRX, Oe or Oes, or Kamtec Hot Hatch.
2) Chassis to be made of GRP. Chassis may not be modified in any way.
3) Only the kit nylon motor pod & base plate may be used, un-modified. V8AL with GRP Base can now be used (this allows longer use of tyres)
4) Any servo can be used, Budget recommendations are Futaba S3003, Core RC 4012 or Core RC 9016 & Core cr194
5) Any servo saver & servo mounts may be used.
6) Any track rods, ball cups and balls may be used
7) Any compound of GT12 Mardave and Contact tyres of 32 shore or above can be used. Tyres must be used as they come from the manufacturer and may not be trued. Only Single bolt mounting is allowed.
8) Any lexan/polycarbonate Hatchback style bodyshells. Non hatchback bodyshells may be allowed with the agreement of the competing drivers, but cannot be of a type considered to be of GT or LMP type.
9) Any make of body mounts may be used.
10) Ballraces are allowed on front and rear axles.
11) Rear axle must remain solid (No Diffs).
12) Spur gears to be 32dp. Mardave Z-drive system is allowed.
13) Any Spur or Pinion gear combination can be used, but cannot create a ratio lower than 3:1 Typically this would be a 48 Spur and 16 Pinion.
14) Any strength suspension springs front or rear may be used.
15) Only the Mardave / Mtroniks range of Viper, ECO, HR3/4 or Kamtec K1 ESC’s may be used. Any connectors can be used.
16) Any 20 or 21 turn non-ball raced brushed motor can be used up to a maximum price of £10.99. The motor may be fitted to either side of the chassis, providing there is no modification or alteration to the chassis or mounting blocks. Motors must remain unopened.
17) Cars to use four cell battery packs only, cells to be sub-C sized only, with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell. Cells must be readily identifiable. Only 4.8v Packs to be used, up to a maximum of 5000mAh.
18) Battery mountings must be original kit.

19) Foam or deformable front and rear bumpers are allowed.

20) Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed, however standard ‘straw’ type aerial is permitted.
21) Only wings or aerofoils supplied by manufacturer with the bodyshell. No under body aids are allowed.
22) Tyre additives are allowed.
23) There should be a minimum ground clearance of 3mm; this is to include any protruding screws, 1mm clearance for spur gear.
24) Front wishbones, suspension and steering axles to remain same as kit supplied. King pin brace may be added.