2021 Q3 Championship is complete

Well we have got here, having been in lockdown on and off over the past 18 months, we have finally resumed normal activities.  We’re still recovering members who have found other things to do with their Friday evenings but I believe we will get back to full attendance over the winter.  Come on guys give up work and fishing and let’s get back to some fun racing!

We have also gained a few new members, welcome to Max and Paul and we have members returning to us, welcome back Mark!

The Q3 championship was run amidst the restart and members coming back so the positions have been decided as much on ability as attendance, but why not!

Trophys go to Joseph for the Hot Hatch. This is well earned. Fred made the switch to Hot Hatch and gained the Cool Hatch trophy for being the best of the 2nd tier drivers.

The GT12 trophy has returned to me, with the GT trophy being awarded to Tom as the best of the 2nd tier drivers.

Let’s make Q4 as good as we can!