2017/Q3 Championship is finished!

Well done to Richard Dabinett for winning our 2nd championship! It was a good fight across the 13 weeks, but Richard proved that his consistency and ‘smooth’ style brings rewards.  It just goes to show that you can win even if you do no maintenance to the car all week and just change the tyres occasionally!  The moral being: If it’s working, leave it alone and if it’s not working, get someone to sort it out for you!!

A special mention to Matt Cochrane, a much improved performance with a 3rd place and the man to watch in 2018 and James Lye who has improved immensely over the season.  Nice one guys.

Also a special welcome back to Scott Dabinett, who luckily for us couldn’t quite complete enough championship rounds to be in the mix to win it, but he’s certainly going to be up there next time.  Maybe brotherly love will go missing in the next championship 🙂

The final standings are here

We start the 2018/Q1 championship next week, so we start all over again with a new track layout.  Get ready for some more fun!