Q2 / R2 Championship results are in!

After a bit of manual messing about with the numbers to get them right, the Championship positions after Round 2 are posted.  Check them out here

Two very good pieces of news in there, first that Shane Senior is now included in the GT12 championship and second that I’m leading the championship, but not for long I suspect!!

Hopefully we’ll learn how to set the Timing software up properly next time 🙂


Club Championships

We’ll be running 13 week championships 4 times a year.  Each Friday night over the 13 week period the points scored in the finals will be added to the championship table.  The best 8 of the 13 rounds will count towards the final standings allowing drivers to miss 5 nights over the period and still have the chance of maximum scoring over the championship period.  It will also allow some flexibility when the venue is not available for use like Easter and Christmas.

100 points are awarded for the winner of the A Final with each finishing position after receiving a decreasing number of points. The winner of a championship is therefore most likely to be the driver that is most consistent over the 13 week period.

Having club championships will add a more competitive theme to the racing and hopefully not get too serious so we lose the fun element.  It’s what our members wanted, so now we have it!

We’re discussing the awarding of Trophies for each championship if the club has the funds.

Drivers performance can be found on the the results page, check it out here.